About Us

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The Future of Virtual Reality: The RGBKOD Story

RGBKOD is an innovative technology company that brings together today with the technologies of the future. Founded by a team of experts in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), our company is known for its dedication to developing projects that push boundaries and turn dreams into reality.

Our Mission
We are here to guide our customers to success and help them transform their businesses with augmented and virtual reality technologies. After developing our products, we stand by our customers, provide fast feedback, and offer the best integration practices.

Our Vision
Our vision is to offer a better future to our customers by using technology. In a rapidly changing world, we help businesses become pioneers in the business world by using the latest AR and VR technologies. We aim to be a leading partner in technology and creativity by delivering projects on time and exceeding customer expectations.

Products and Services

AR and VR Applications for Exhibitions:
We develop custom AR and VR applications that allow companies to showcase their products impressively at exhibitions. Your customers can interactively examine and experience your products.

Educational Applications:
Educational needs or onboarding of new employees can be effectively achieved using virtual and augmented reality. We assist in training your personnel effectively with custom educational applications.

Occupational Health and Safety Projects:
Occupational health and safety are critical for every business. We implement AR and VR projects to ensure compliance with safety standards and the well-being of your employees.

Mobile AR Application Development:
We develop custom mobile applications to make your products more accessible to your customers. These applications can be used to showcase your products in the virtual world and allow your customers to access them anytime, anywhere.

Custom Design for Customers:
Every business is unique with its specific needs. Therefore, we design each project based on the customer's specific requirements and goals. We are here to collaborate with our customers to achieve the best results.

When working with us, you can harness the power of AR and VR technologies to benefit your business, impress your customers, enhance new employee training, and implement robust occupational health and safety projects.